Moritz Grossmann


From the sketch to a fusion of the arts: A Moritz Grossmann watch is a work of art and the result of a concerted effort. Every single step is executed with maximum precision in our Glashütte manufacture.

From the formulation of the underlying ideas and the construction of a prototype to the immaculate finishing processes, as well as the first and final assembly procedures. Each hand-crafted detail is the result of in-depth know-how.

Tourbillon Tremblage


The new Tourbillon Tremblage by Moritz Grossmann is founded on the visions and abilities of great craftspeople of the past and present. The watch brings the innovations of outstanding watchmakers of yesteryear and the present day together with the very best finishing and decorating techniques as maintained at the manufactory in Glashütte, the watchmaking town in Saxony.

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