Laurent Ferrier

The very year of the official launch in 2010, Laurent Ferrier won the award of best men’s watch at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève for the Classic Tourbillon Double Hairspring – it’s very first creation.

Since then, Laurent Ferrier keeps on demonstrating with integrity its ability to create timeless exceptional timepieces devoid of any superfluous detail, with a pure aesthetic. Time should once again have no hold over his collection that displays an authentic sense of detail.

Sport Auto


Sport Auto Blue

The exterior of the Sport Auto is a refined interplay of firm and rounded curves enlivened by a few counter-curves outlining a bodywork with a perfectly balanced design. The domed sapphire dominates the watch while giving it an irresistible curve to the touch. The latter offers a bird’s-eye view of a dial bringing together all the Laurent Ferrier aesthetic codes. Its different shaded of blue, combined with its opaline finish, gives it a soft and powdery line.

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