Over the centuries, Haldimann has developed a philosophy and mentality uniquely suited to engaging with time in this way. We seek new encounters with time, breaking away from established standards and well-trodden pathways of thought. Since 1642, Haldimann has been creating unique pieces that combine history, art and innovation. The reason our creations are such great examples of expert craftsmanship and distinctive flair is because they are shaped by our values. These values are rooted in the long-standing traditions that we hold dear. To this day, Haldimann makes only mechanical movements and timepieces exclusively in Switzerland: timepieces that inspire people all over the world to discover time anew.

Haldimann H1


Flying Central Tourbillon H1

Outwardly, it is a traditional watch in every respect. That much, anyone can see. But it has a hidden side that it only shows to those who look closely. The side where it breaks with all traditions.

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